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Net-Zero two-qubit gate published in Physical Review Letters

We have recently developed a new type of conditional-phase gate for transmon qubits providing several key improvements over standard flux-pulsing-based versions. The Net-Zero gate uses “leakage interference” to minimize leakage to non-computational states. The zero-average, bipolar shape of the pulse makes the gate robust to long timescale distortions in the flux control line and additionally provides an echo effect. We demonstrate a state-of-the-art conditional-phase gate of duration 40 ns achieving 99.1% fidelity and 0.1% leakage.


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Building blocks of a Quantum Computer

Last May we recorded the lectures for the QuTech Academy online course Building blocks of a Quantum Computer. Recording the MOOC was quite fun. You can see the result here. In this lecture I explain how two-qubit gates work in transmon qubits.

Recording a lecture for the MOOC building blocks of a Quantum Computer.

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