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Enabling giscus comments on all posts

To avoid having to add the giscus comment snippet of the previous post to every post, I want to add it to the page template. To do this, we first need to set up Sphinx to look for custom templates, figure out a good starting template, and then modify it to our liking.

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Setting up a new python project with Cookiecutter

Every so often, I need to set up a new repository for a python project including a lot of boilerplate. Because you only set it up once I always spend a lot of time googling best practices and reinventing the wheel. To resolve this once and for all I decided to make a template tailored to my own preferences.


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Uploading a package on PyPI

These are some simple notes to remind myself how to upload a python package to PyPI. The full description on how to upload a package to PyPI can be found here.

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Git basics

A few years ago, I made a flowchart to serve as a reference for basic Git usage for the Casimir Programming Course. The flowchart is intended to serve as a reference for the novice who has learned about the basic concepts of Git. For a proper reference on Git, I would recommend the Pro Git book I hope this flowchart is helpful to some, enjoy!


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Building a site using Nikola

Building a personal website is something that shows up on my personal todo/ideas list from time to time. My main motivation for doing so is to use it as a means to learn. I find that writing, and in particular explaining things, is an excellent way to structure one’s thoughts and learn things. On a practical level I hope to get a better understanding of all the technical aspects involved in building a website. This post describes the technical steps I took to build this site and is intended to serve as a future reference to myself or to others interested in setting up a personal site using Nikola.

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