Posted in 2021

A Practical Guide for Building Superconducting Quantum Devices

I’m very excited that our tutorial on cQED, the technology behind superconducting qubits, got published in PRX Quantum today! I hope this work will make it easier for anyone looking to get into this fascinating field.


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Toekomstmuziek podcast

I was interviewed for the “Toekomstmuziek” podcast on quantum computing by Eveline Meijer of AG connect together with Anne-Marije Zwerver of QuTech. On the question when can we get started with the quantum computer.

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Accelerating quantum computer developments

With Orange Quantum Systems, and our partners in the Dutch Quantum ecosystem we have published a paper in the special quantum industry issue of EPJ Quantum Technology on accelerating the development of quantum computers. In this paper, we present the product development approach and roadmap for quantum computers, based on superconducting circuits as an example.


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Quantum Delft webinar on Quantify

I gave a presentation at the Quantum Delft webinar on Quantify, and our work on running variational algorithms (VQE) on the Quantum Inspire. Quantify, is an open-source framework for operating quantum computers in the NISQ era developed by Orange Quantum Systems and Qblox

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