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Migrating the website to Sphinx + ABlog

Last week I migrated my website from Nikola ( see my post from 2020 )to Sphinx + ABlog. Although it might look a little different than before, the functionality is essentially the same so you might wonder why I decided to do this migration.

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Building a site using Nikola

Building a personal website is something that shows up on my personal todo/ideas list from time to time. My main motivation for doing so is to use it as a means to learn. I find that writing, and in particular explaining things, is an excellent way to structure one’s thoughts and learn things. On a practical level I hope to get a better understanding of all the technical aspects involved in building a website. This post describes the technical steps I took to build this site and is intended to serve as a future reference to myself or to others interested in setting up a personal site using Nikola.

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